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When Will I Stop Thinking About Drinking?

When you really want the new jeans, think it through, think about the consequences of that decision a week or two weeks down the road. Building self-esteem and learning to care for yourself means you do the things that are right for you, not what feels good in the moment, but what is best for you as a human. Start thinking about this in every area of your life, when your drinking friends invite you out and you know you will be uncomfortable and it will trigger you, SAY NO.

Don’t spend your money on the new jeans then be panicked and pissed off when you don’t have money for your phone bill. I love doing all those things and, when I feel my battery dying, I have to recharge. And that is my responsibility to recognize when I need to recharge and to make it happen. Your initial thoughts aren’t usually wrong because something is wrong with you. They are usually wrong because we are used to making decisions based on the wrong motives. But you need the hit right now.

Tired of Thinking About Drinking

And I just started crying at this like postnatal yoga. And no one was saying that to me, it was very similar. Yeah, well, there’s a lot of overperforming, right. There’s a lot of polished looking faces. And I popped up my baby and went, you know, I had a cheeseburger and went back to work in the afternoon. And then there’s also a lot of that in the sober world, too.

And people started to just come to me, and then I made a joke with my husband. And I said, wouldn’t it be hilarious if there were 100 people doing the 100-day Super Challenge? Like, wouldn’t it just be so funny? And then of course, you get to 100.


And I know some well-connected, sober people who are addicted to alcohol. So, like I don’t, I don’t buy it. I don’t buy it, because it’s my lived experience of the people that I’ve worked with not because I’ve done some rat how to survive summer parties and boozy bbqs research, because I’ve actually worked with some people. But the other thing that I don’t really agree with in the sober world right now is the idea that we drink because of trauma. Because really, trauma is everywhere.

  • It is not known if this is purely gene-related, or if it is due to high exposure to alcohol growing up.
  • And that’s the thing about relapse, right.
  • You were with me for 2 years, though.

Of course, I shouldn’t be paying you. Well, I didn’t recognize the value. So, I didn’t need the money to come from this overstuff. But the pen pals were unable to commit properly, if they weren’t paying, but also, they were unable to take it seriously in a way that you do when you put some money on the table. Anyway, in 2012, which is when I quit there was only blocks.

Tired of Thinking About Drinking With Belle Robertson | My Sober Coach

This is the mic primary concern with a lot of the groups online is the repeated relapsing, which is normal. But repeatedly relapsing without changing your strategy isn’t helpful. And saying you got this isn’t true. I’m on day 3000 something you don’t get it. I still have to do some maintenance. It’s like saying I got a full tank of gas.

  • So, when people said to me, I feel guilty emailing you because I’m not paying.
  • But our head says I have to be able to function exactly the same as it was before and quit drinking.
  • I just felt like, I got addicted to this really addictive substance.
  • And while these can be extremely challenging, there are things you can do about them.

People don’t want to say the word. So, then it’s like, on my side of the screen, it’s like, okay, fine, who cares what the word is, don’t say the word. Call it any other word, doesn’t matter, we still know we want to quit drinking, it doesn’t matter.

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