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Best Feminine Yandere Anime Characters

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She is madly in love with him and will kill anyone who tries to date him. Kofuku won’t seem like a typical yandere, however this candy and bubbly lady has a dark facet that even Bishamon, the goddess of war, won’t mess with. She’s totally aware of every little thing occurring around her and isn’t afraid to threaten the gods in the occasion that they threaten her or hurt anybody she cares about. Though she’s not worshipped and considered a anonymous god, most gods will avoid her as a result of they concern her uncommon skills and the way highly effective she is. She’s in all probability essentially the most mild yandere on the market, however Mizuki nonetheless checks lots of the boxes for one.


Use this subreddit to discuss, share and post content about yandere in anime/manga, actual life, assorted Western media, and so forth. Released in direction of the end of 2021, Nothing Special is a brief visible novel that joins the many other unique horror games obtainable on As a young feminine protagonist, the participant will get kidnapped by a lady she does not recognize.

I tried every choice, I obtained both endings, and it really intrigued me. It provides me the chills, I am on edge with the dialogue, the music, the facial expressions, all of it simply provides to the creepiness and makes me uneasy the entire time. /r/Yandere is a place for these excited about and who establish with yandere.

Space yandere

Also, her pal from work getting excited that she obtained a gift with a really costly gift in it. Instead of pondering « Yeah, that is slightly creepy, however eyyyy rich sugar daddy maybe? », she just jumps straight to encouraging the protagonist to merely accept the present. The actual question is if you want his brand of « interest »… I wasn’t thrilled with the truth that I could not name him after me, however I liked the reality that you can find yourself fortunately married at the finish. As John tries to find a approach to escape and dies in numerous other ways, Chase claims that he loves him and needs them to be collectively eternally.

Considering that the villagers continually picked on her due to her seems, it’s no surprise that she was more than happy to kill most of them after turning into a Shiki. It can be easy to feel sorry for Megumi since all she wished was to leave the village, but her transformation into a Shiki leaves little sympathy for her. She was obsessive about Natsuno to the purpose that she was stalking him. Her obsession with him was so strong that she killed Tohru Mutou just because he was close to Natsuno. She even killed her childhood pal Kaori as a outcome of she got near him.

You and me and her: a love story

I suppose it’s a huge gray area x3 Even in reality, people do some crazy stuff within the name of love! And even if it won’t seem like love, it’s probably not for us to gauge. I imply, we’ve the proper to sit down there and say, wtf, that is not love! Oooor, it won’t be, but we’ll by no means know cos we’re not them, haha. The writing, the music, the art, everything is amazing!