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7 Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Taxi App Development Company by Swarnendu De AllRide

This is the part where our team of professional mobile app developers create the final version of the taxi booking app and write the source code for it. This is the longest step of the taxi booking app development process. Thousands of enthusiastic business-minded people are trying to start their taxi applications. The fulcrum of the business revolves around the quality & user-friendliness nature of the app.

Where to hire taxi app developers

An app like Uber requires a lot of infrastructure and investment. You must partner with taxi companies or drivers to use this app. These apps have many features accessible through two interfaces – one for passengers and one for taxi drivers.

Driver App Panel

The heat zone feature allows your drivers to earn more by providing their riding service. Promote your app with referral code by inspiring users to share code on social platforms. Admin can add or remove countries where they want to provide their rider hailing service. Taxi apps are a secure and reliable way to hire a taxi, and over the last few years, they have become the norm. This trend is likely to continue further for the next several years.

  • Yes, we provide ready-to-use taxi app solutions for all types of business.
  • We can help you integrate your taxi booking with XX payment integrations.
  • Wondering whether to go with custom Taxi Booking App Solution Development or buy a readymade taxi booking app?
  • The below taxi app solution case studies reflect our expertise in taxi booking on demand app development.
  • These incredible services are the reason they have a 4.8 rating across various review sites.

We never sacrifice the user experience of the apps developed in our lab. How the taxi app developers handled these issues while creating an app is also a good indicator. Especially for those who are looking to develop an app like Uber and Lyft.

Technologies We use for Taxi Booking Mobile Application

Real-time or push notifications are used to integrate into taxi apps as they are time-sensitive in every aspect. We ensure to keep users informed about offers and their bookings. Unlike others, we provide you with a completely customized solution based on the existing Uber or Lyft app.

It also accepts the coupons and offers to deduct the amount if applied. The driver can track the overall earnings of the day, week, or month. We undertook a variety of security measures to prevent any leakage of user data. We did a knowledge transfer with the client and explained the technology behind NFC and QR code. The client had an understanding of NFC but they had no idea of how the technology behind NFC works.

Passenger apps

As a top taxi app development company, we have previously worked with over 50 clients and provided them with Uber-like apps for both the riders and the drivers. We have a team of taxi app developers to help you make your business better by handling more trips and bookings. The app will enable you to manage everything from tracking drivers to generating automated invoices to bookings in a few clicks. We not only provide you choice to customise your taxi booking app solution with features and integrations but also how you want to pay for your taxi app development project. Taxi apps like Uber and Lyft have taken a new look with the help of Mobisoft Infotech.

Where to hire taxi app developers

As being a top-rated on-demand taxi mobile app development company, Protocloud offers you these satisfactory features which are hard to find in any other taxi app developer companies. Our cloud-based solution provides several advantages to your company. It might assist you in staying one step ahead of your competitors. We are a team of professional taxi app developers and designers who have created mobile and web taxi booking apps that include all of the necessary features. With our unrivaled experience and solutions, we assist in the growth of your company. Launch your taxi-booking app like Uber, Ola, Didi with our white-labeled Taxi-booking app solutions.


The reports give a full statistical overview of your fleet for a given period. These reports help you understand what changes you need to make to increase your revenue. You can track the progress of all the drivers through the dashboard. You can manually assign a trip request to a driver on behalf of the rider.

Besides India, it also has offices in the US, Canada, UAE, Australia and Sweden. But choosing a company to develop your app doesn’t have to be a headache. Like most major industries today, the taxi hire apps industry is also taxi app developers full of competition where new and upcoming companies have to go against giants of the industry. From carpooling apps to women-friendly taxis, healthcare taxi services and more, innovative ideas are coming up every day.

On-Demand Taxi-Booking Mobile App Business Models

Leverage simplified payments, as our app integrates multiple payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, and Razorpay, for a safe and laid-back experience. Launch your own customized carpooling apps to encourage cost-effective and eco-friendly rides. Expand your taxi business by offering to help the corporate sector book cars as per their constantly changing needs. From tracking drivers to generating automated invoices for bookings, we are adept at developing software that allows you to do it all. Get a customized car rental app, keep track of your bookings invoices, and efficiently manage your fleet of cars. For both drivers and passengers, our solution includes a handful of smartphone apps.

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