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14 Types of Essay Hooks with Samples And How to Write Them

You can also start your introduction by using an idea of the resolution of the subject. If you are doing this, then you need to bring up one of your hypotheses, usually what you consider to be the most likely answer when asked the question. Generally, such hooks are mainly found in essays on social sciences like economics and geography, or any other subject using a lot of data. In an essay, writing a good introduction is usually a very delicate task. There are many methods for writing it, and often you will be tempted to start your essay with a quote. Indeed, a very appropriate quote that fits well with your text can, from the first lines, give your essay the breath it needs.

Quotes reaffirm your essay topic and give it a compelling start. From using humor to posing a rhetorical question, there are several ways to begin your essay on an engaging and interesting note. Here are 16 hooks you can consider using for your college essay, along with examples for each. To come up with a hook for an essay, consider your purpose, look for what’s out there, and try different types of hooks to see what works best. For example, let’s say you are writing an essay arguing that teachers need better pay. You could look for stories of teachers who pay for their own supplies.

What is a Hook for an Essay and How to Use It

There are several types of hooks for essays, including an interesting quote or question, a statistic, or an anecdote. The best hooks are relevant to the topic of the essay and draw the reader’s attention, getting them to want to read the rest of the essay. A descriptive hook is more commonly used in narrative essays but can be used in other types of essays as well. With this type of hook, you’ll need to engage readers with a vivid description of a scene that is related to your topic and thesis. A word of caution – before trying this one, ask yourself if it would be appropriate for this teacher and this writing piece.

Using a preachy tone may not sit well with some readers. Sometimes, sharing your wisdom is all it takes to get someone’s attention. Jim Peterson has over 20 years experience on speech writing.

Create a description hook with AI

Just be sure to attribute and explain the citation, so the reader is not confused. Hooks come in many shapes and sizes to further entice the reader. They can be embedded in texts, illustrations, and diagrams. Hooks are often the first one or two phrases of an essay or article and are intended to captivate the reader. However, the ability to develop an essay hook is difficult to learn. The types of hooks for an essay vary greatly depending on the focus of the essay. In the field of writing, the art of the hook is a crucial component.

  • Start with your argument and support your point of view throughout the essay.
  • Using strong statement hooks again makes the readers curious.
  • Have you ever read a line that caught your attention so fast, you didn’t look up until five paragraphs later?
  • Narrative, persuasive, argumentative, or descriptive – they all need hooks, aka grabbers to attract readers to your writing.

Some teachers consider this type of essay hooks too general and overused. They discourage college papers started or finished with words of influencers, not students themselves. So, if you decide to use such a hook, find a rare yet relevant quote.

Example 4: Quote Hook

But when addressing the professionals, choose a specific language according to them. When you use a story hook, it is not necessary to share your own experience instead you can prefer the real-life stories of your relatives or friends. But when writing, make your story hook to be short, simple, and interesting. Also, make sure not to apply story hooks in argumentative or formal essays. A short story or an outcome of your imagination is identified as an anecdote. In order to catch the attention of your target readers, you can likely use an anecdote that is appropriate to your essay topic as a hook.

A narrative essay is creative writing that is less formal. Knowing how to write a good hook is an essential part of effective essay writing.

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You simply give the definition of a term or concept. I was traveling on the bus to college; the other kids were making fun of me assuming I couldn’t understand them. ” “His face is amusing.” A Japanese kid in America is similar to a zoo animal.

essay hook types

You can apply the scenes as a hook in both descriptive and narrative essays. In your essay introduction, you can apply a metaphor or simile hook to portray your essay topic to your readers from a different angle. This essay hook type looks best for both informal and formal writing.

How to Write a Great Essay Hook?

Use mindset quotes to help the reader feel the way you want them to feel about the subject. A hook, also called an attention-getter or attention grabber, is meant to draw the reader in, to make them want to read more. By now, you have read about different types of hooks and their examples. There are no specific rules to choose the perfect hook for your essay. However, you can consider the following points to make your selection easy.

  • My sneeze was so loud that it startled an elderly shopper.
  • A statement or declaration that will make your readers think about whether they agree or disagree with the point of view mentioned in the hook sentence.
  • A hook is typically the first one or two sentences of an essay or article that is designed to grab the reader’s attention.

The first sentence is a strong opening hook, but it promises a dramatic scene, which doesn’t get fulfilled, because the hook turns out not to be real. If you start your piece in a surprising way, they’ll be more likely to keep reading. A persuasive essay persuades the reader to take a specific action or agree with you by changing their beliefs.

Essay Hook Examples for Different Types of Essays

My sneeze was so loud that it startled an elderly shopper. So much so that she dropped her shopping bag and all its contents. essay hook types To this day, I haven’t forgotten how embarrassed I was that day. Last year my parents dragged me to Paris six times.

Currently, would you have to craft a thought-provoking essay hook for your introductory paragraph? Essay hooks will elevate the curiosity and tension level of your readers and make them read the entire essay.

What is the Need for Essay Hooks?

Well, a hook is an attention-grabbing element that is often presented in terms of a small paragraph or some sentences in the essay introduction. So, it is important for an essay writer to know how to write a hook in order to attract your target audience. Narrative hooks do the same thing but in a matter of a couple of essay outlines samples sentences. They tell a very short story in 1-2 sentences that should relate to the topic of the paper. A personal story, like the example above, is a great example of a narrative hook. This is best for an informal piece of writing and it helps to create a personal connection between the writer and his or her reader.

essay hook types

It stands to reason that your teacher assigns an informative essay, so you know that this teacher will be the one to read and estimate it. But this fact won’t help you write a nice starter for your paper; instead, you can get stuck and won’t understand what to write to impress your teacher. It’s really important to grab attention of the reader and it can be achieved only first few sentences.

Read on to learn how to write a good hook for your essay, written by EssayService team. Now try the opposite task to the activity in Item 1. Create a possible attention getter for each essay suggested.

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